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For almost 3 decades, CTC has been creating compelling medical content to effectively communicate with busy HCPs.

Our team is made up of driven, transparent, resourceful, and supportive members who are committed to success.



CTC is a fast-growing organization where each individual has an equal opportunity to be heard.

If you value a supportive culture where initiative, resourcefulness, and drive are rewarded, you'll feel right at home here.


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In partnership with veritree, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable future by rejuvenating vital landscapes essential for our planet's wellbeing.

We plant 10 verified trees for every quote we publish, and an additional 40 trees once we kick off a project with you.

CTC commitment to environmental sustainability

ctc x veritree

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

We are planting 36,000 trees to help combat the climate crisis

At CTC, our commitment to well-being extends beyond healthcare to encompass the very planet we inhabit. We recognize the urgency of our changing climate and its potential impact on global health. This is why we've anchored environmental sustainability deep within our core ethos. Our partnership with veritree signifies this dedication, targeting the pressing need for reforestation amidst a warming world.

As leaders in the medical communications industry, we understand that caring for our environment goes hand-in-hand with our mission to help patients by helping you. By championing a healthier planet, we're ensuring a better, more sustainable future for both the environment and the individuals we serve.


How you can help

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." - Chinese Proverb 

We are committed to planting 36,000 trees over the next three years. We'd love for you to join us on this journey. The best way to help is by getting a no-obligation quote for all your medical communications projects. We'll plant 10 trees on your behalf for each quote, and an additional 40 trees if you select CTC as your agency for the project.


Our partnership with veritree

Where are we planting now (Q2 2024)?

New Brunswick, Canada

Forestry is New Brunswick’s largest industry, contributing to over $1.45 billion to the local economy annually. Unfortunately, while providing stable jobs and wealth to the region, extensive logging has caused the forests to become degraded and fragmented.

The forests of New Brunswick, now in a degraded state and fragmentation is affecting forests’ ability to support biodiversity and provide ecosystem services. The older trees, which were once powerful carbon sinks, are now lost or becoming increasingly threatened.

With your support, we will be regenerating a former commercial logging site in New Brunswick, Canada. For this project, we will be planting over sixteen distinct native species, including Red Spruce, Oak, Birch, Sugar Maple, Butter Nut, and more. The goal of this project is to reverse land degradation in the area. A diverse range of species will be planted to revitalize habitat, increase biodiversity, and restore these forests as effective carbon sinks.


Visit our forest at the CTC x veritree Impact Hub

See exactly where your tress are being planted and what measures are in place to ensure their long-term success.

veritree Tree FAQ

Why should we plant trees? Nature is one of our greatest allies when it comes to fighting climate change. Restoring nature, through tree planting, can benefit the planet, ecosystems, and local communities. Trees act as carbon sinks, i.e. they absorb and store carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, but these carbon sinks are only effective if the trees remain growing and on the ground for a long time. In addition, trees also help prevent soil erosion, provide habitat for animals, enhance biodiversity, and provide fuel and income for people and communities. 
What about the trees we already have? There are approximately 3 trillion trees on Earth, which is half as many as there were 12,000 years ago. It’s estimated that people cut down 15 billion trees each year, so preserving our existing forests is important, but we also need to continue to restore degraded land and ecosystems through planting the right trees in the right place and make sure the trees stay on the ground. 
How much carbon does one tree sequester? The amount of carbon dioxide sequestered per tree varies by several different factors, such as type of tree, environmental influences, the tree’s maturity, lifespan, and more! For instance, it is estimated that an Acadian tree sequesters 1.1 tons of CO2 during the average Acadian tree’s lifespan, a Douglas Fir sequesters 1.08 Tons of CO2 in its lifetime, and a Mangrove tree sequesters 0.31 Tons of CO2 in its lifetime. That said, these numbers are only estimates and are subject to change as research and monitoring evolves.  
What types of trees are you planting? Did you know that scientists have estimated that there are 390,900 plant species known to science? Different tree species are native to different regions. Our partner, veritree, works with several different tree planting organizations across the globe, who work directly with the communities they are planting in, to ensure the right tree species are being planted in the right regions, at the right times. 
Where do you plant trees? Our partner, veritree, works with planting organizations across the globe to verify their tree planting  projects in locations like Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Canada, the United States, and more. The veritree platform was built to be easily used by any tree planting organization. With veritree’s ground-level monitoring tools, any planting organization, in any location, can scale nature-based solutions, track and quantify impact data, and allocate their trees to corporate partners and donors in a transparent manner.
How do you manage risks such as forest fire and flooding events? As part of veritree’s risk mitigation measures, their project portfolio is diversified in terms of both planting locations and species. This ensures that our planting portfolios are better protected from natural catastrophes, such as wildfires and flooding events. 


We commit to providing you with a quote for your project within 2 days.