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In partnership with veritree, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable future by rejuvenating vital landscapes essential for our planet's wellbeing.

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Nitin Gaikwad2 min read

Successful Medical Education Case Studies

The medical communications industry is quick-moving, and it can sometimes be tough to keep up with best practices while exploring new ideas and approaches. That’s why we’ve compiled three effective medical education case studies to inspire you for your next project.

Data Collection: How a Canadian biotech company successfully engaged almost 60 dermatologists

A top dermatology company was looking to work with key opinion leaders (KOLs) to validate a new clinical treatment tool. They wanted a solution that would give busy dermatologists a customized user experience and make it easy for them to quickly capture data from patient charts.

CTC’s DataCap provided a flexible yet powerful data capture solution. It facilitated secure data capture with a customizable and modern UX and captured retrospective chart data from two sequential patient visits. A secure dashboard allows the client real-time access to aggregate data over three months. 59 dermatologists were involved, and 476 patient cases were collected.

The company found that KOL partners were extremely satisfied with how the project went. They managed to gather key insights about clinical decision-making and preferences, which helped them gain valuable medical and commercial intelligence. Due to the project’s success, a publication supporting the KOL dermatologist is in development! 

Symposium: How a presentation engaged specialists through case-based discussions on the patient journey

A small biopharmaceutical company wanted to create an interesting and innovative symposium presentation. Their goal was to help specialists navigate a complex therapeutic area with many advanced treatment options and data gaps. They also wanted to encourage discussion on practical considerations for managing patients with this condition and highlight how the patient's role in treatment decision-making is changing.

CTC developed an enticing creative concept for the program and an engaging agenda format focused on case-based discussions with three KOL presenters from different provinces. The case followed the typical patient journey through first, second, and third-line treatment interventions and highlighted practical considerations at each stage. CTC included interactive audience polling questions to gauge the participants’ comfort managing the disease before and after panel discussion.

100% of symposium attendees agreed the objectives were completely addressed during the session. One participant commented, “Amazing session. The best one I have attended in a long time. Loved hearing about the considerations for how to approach the changing patient case.”

OLA: How a biotech company supported their sales representatives

A new biotech company was rolling out a new nationwide OLA (‘other learning activity’) to support their first product launch. They needed logistical and administrative support to help their sales representatives execute the OLA rapidly and efficiently. Following detailed strategic planning with the client, CTC recognized they lacked the infrastructure to fully support the representatives in OLA execution.

That’s why we built a field support portal that captured details about upcoming events, both in-person and virtual. CTC managed all administrative and logistical aspects from contracts and speaker support, to virtual IT facilitation. 40+ events were scheduled, featuring 30 speakers. In addition, two microsites were quickly built within two months to support the launch. This plan took the hassle and worries of paperwork and logistics away from the representatives, allowing them to focus on execution.

If you’d like to start your own medical communications project and see as much success as you’ve read about in these case studies, fill out this quick form to get a free quote from us within 48 hours. Just for doing so, we’ll plant 10 trees on your behalf as part of our environmental protection efforts.


Nitin Gaikwad

Nitin’s role encompasses envisioning, planning for and executing CTC’s strategy from a perspective of growth areas to play in, and key digital capabilities to add. This is flamed by a passion to conceptualize and build digital solutions that address medical education and engagement goals of customers and clients, alike.