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Accredited CME (Continuing Medical Education) Case study


How An Accredited Self-Learning Program Engaged Over 1,000 Pharmacists Across Canada

The Challenge

A trusted company and longstanding advocate for ADHD management needed to create an engaging and accessible accredited continuing medical education (CME)) program that enabled self-learning for pharmacists. They needed the program to identify fundamental learning principles and provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer discussion and application to practice. The accredited program needed to be easy to access and provide an opportunity for learners to move at their own pace through the program.

The Solution

To create an engaging program for pharmacists, CTC created an interactive, self-learning program consisting of 3 modules. The modules used active learning strategies to engage pharmacists to know, understand, and apply key learnings in ADHD management. The program was housed on RxWise, a digital platform that provides accredited programs for HCPs. RxWISE allows HCPs to save their progress and navigate the program at their own pace. It also tests users’ knowledge and progress and provided a digital forum for monitored discussion among participants. The program, dually accredited by CCCEP and OPQ enabled pharmacists across Canada to grow their understanding of ADHD management and their role in supporting individuals living with ADHD.

user friendly icon

Aesthetic, easy-to-use digital platform


12,510 HCPs in our database

case based icon

Case-based learning program

Key Metrics

1062 registrants
70% completion
86% of participants rated the program as excellent

The Success Story


Accredited, self-learning

The RxWise platform housed the CCCEP- and OPQ-accredited program and enabled users to access and navigate the digital platform at their own pace. The program enabled self-learning and afforded participants the opportunity to spend time on content relevant to their needs and interests.

Valuable Data Icon

Interactive platform for autonomous learning

The program provided a module on background information and key principles in ADHD followed by two case study modules that focused on discussion-based application of knowledge. Each module featured self-evaluations, graphics, and text to suit unique learning needs of the participants.

kol global icon

National HCP engagement

The educational initiative provided an accessible platform for HCPs across Canada to discuss key topics in ADHD management for pharmacists. The platform prompted pharmacists to discuss key topics in care with one another, as well as the KOLs involved in the development of the program. It provided a forum for pharmacists to host honest and impactful conversations in care.


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